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How to Study TOPIK in SEOUL Korean Language Centre

How to study TOPIK in SEOUL Korean Language Centre

In SKLC, we do not divide class for TOPIK takers. This is because our existing courses already cover the necessary syllable of TOPIK. Moreover, it would be cost-consuming for our students to sign up for another class. Instead, we highly recommend our students practise the Past TOPIK Papers for preparation.
Here is the TOPIK study guide for students in our centre.


For TOPIKI Level 1 and 2, you will have to complete at least the Pre-Intermediate Course (SNU 1B) and above. By the end of this course, you will be able to read and comprehend simple sentences in Korean. You will be able to hear and understand basic daily life conversation. These are the objectives of TOPIKI which are met in the courses. All questions are MCQ and no writing is tested.
Time estimated to complete from Basic1 to Pre-Inter: At least 1 year, assuming once a week group course.


For TOPIKII Level 3 and 4, you will have to complete at least the Upper-Intermediate 2 (SNU 3B).
By the end of this course, you have to be proficient in both the verbal and written language to the extent that you do not have a problem in living a social life in Korea. 

For TOPIKII Level 5 and 6, you will have to complete SNU 5B at least. As the hardest grade of all, it may take 5 years or more depending on the linguistic talent. You must be able to engage in sophisticated topics such as politics, economy, sociology, culture and your professional field in both the verbal and written language. 

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TOPIK Practice Papers

If you ask what is the best TOPIK Practice Book, every teacher will give you a different answer. However, if you ask what is the best material, they will all agree on one: The Past TOPIK Papers. 

It’s free and it can’t go wrong as they are actual TOPIK papers. 

In SEOUL Korean Language Centre, we do not advise students to purchase TOPIK assignment books as the existing course (assuming they are attending and completing homework regularly) and the Past TOPIK papers are already sufficient for TOPIK-I. Of course, we would not stop on assignment books if they are eager to do more drills on top of the past papers. 

In a nutshell

  1. Complete the courses
  2. Practise past TOPIK papers
  3. Drill on other TOPIK Assignments (Optional)
  4. Practise essays with a teacher (For TOPIKII leaners)

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Practice the Past TOPIK Papers ONLINE (Scroll to the bottom)
Download the Past TOPIK Papers from the official site

To know about the TOPIK examination, here is everything you should know about TOPIK.


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