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Korean Language textbooks

Korean study books for basic Korean learning

There are a lot of Korean language textbooks for basic Korean learning. Every textbook has pros and cons but they are all made for self-study not for learning in a class. They look hard for beginners to start with. In addition, most of them are very thick and heavy to carry in the bag. So, we made our own compact-sized Korean language textbook for beginners in carrying easy and learning the Korean language easy as well. Seoul Korean textbook is a self-made Korean language textbook for basic Korean learning. And we use our own Korean study materials and other Korean books for upper-level students as well.

Korean Language Textbook of SKLC

Seoul Korean Language Textbook

We make our own Korean language textbook for beginners in learning Korean. It is easy to start with. And it is compact and light to bring compared with most Korean language study books which are big and heavy.

This is a sample of the Korean language textbook made by Seoul Korean Language Centre, customised for English speakers in Singapore.

Engaging Korean Study Materials

Learning a language is not studying knowledge but speaking it and listening to it to familiarise it. Therefore, practising is more important than just studying with a book in learning a language. So Engaging learning materials are important for beginners in learning the Korean language to learn Korean as a habit, not as a lecture. So, we made a lot of materials to help to learn Korean. Here are some samples of our own materials.

Vocabulary Cards

Korean language word card
Korean language word card

Online Materials

Furthermore, we make online materials also because persons are more friendly to online materials than physical as IT develops more. And in this COVID-19 pandemic period, persons like more online materials. We have much more online materials you can try. In addition, every online Korean learning materials are free for Korean learning practice.

Learn Korean Alphabet-Hangeul

The very first stepping stone in your Korean learning journey.
This free course is to learn Korean letters online by self-study.
Upon completion, take our Online Hangeul Level Test to test your Korean literacy.

Practice Korean vocabulary

For beginners who wish to catch two birds with one stone by learning some Korean words while practising your Korean letters, try this.
Consequently, you can take our Korean Vocabulary Test to check your vocabulary skill.

Youtube Clips

How to pronounce Korean consonants

This video is supplementary for those who are on our online course. We advise users to watch this again after completing basic consonants at our free Hangeul online programme. This video is created by Seoul Korean Language Centre with the aim of aiding the pronunciation of Korean letters for non-natives.

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For non-beginners, take the placement tests online here.
For TOPIK exam takers, practise past TOPIK Questions online.

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