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SEOUL Korean language centre is the newest Korean language school in Singapore leading best Korean classes with customized textbooks and online-based practice programs. Our classes are highly interactive and conversational, conducted by professional teachers.
We believe Korean classes must be interactive where each student has ample opportunities to speak Korean. Our classes are highly conversational, involving various materials to engage our students in diverse activities to instantly apply the spoken language they have just learnt minutes ago. Seoul Korean Language Centre is probably the most interactive and conversational Korean language school in Singapore.

Under the Circuit Breaker issued by the government due to the COVID 19 outbreak, all Korean classes in Singapore will be converted to online.

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Stay Online. Stay Safe.
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Learning can be effective online and is safer. We do not stop our endeavour to make the Korean language to be accessible to beginners. Your first stepping stone to online Korean lesson is here. Take your first step here.


If you are a beginner in the Korean language, try the free trial lesson to kickstart the learning journey.
If you are in the midway of learning the Korean language, take the free Korean Placement Tests to find your class.
You are at the right place to start learning the Korean language. Hope you will stay with us! Learn the Korean language in Singapore and broaden your life.We understand that it is not easy to decide upon a language school where you will have to commit for a long term. Come for our one-hour long trial lesson where you will be exposed to our unique learning environment before making a choice.

Interactive Korean Language Classes

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Online classes schedule will be announced soon.

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It takes only 10 minutes to complete an online test. Conveniently find which course best suits you. All our online tests are free

Learn Korean Alphabet Online

Learn Korean Online

The Korean alphabet HANGEUL is easier than you think and can be learnt by yourself with our online HANGEUL programme.
There are also other online programmes ready to further support your Korean learning journey.

How to pronounce Korean consonants

This video is supplementary for those who are on our online course. We advise users to watch this again after completing basic consonants at our free Hangeul online programme. This video is created by Seoul Korean Language Centre with the aim of aiding the pronunciation of Korean letters for  non-natives.


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Our centre is closed for the circuit breaker period. Please make an enquiry at or 9721 2433

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We hope you will come to SEOUL Korean language Centre to learn Korean.
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