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Lead yourself in the journey of learning Korean regardless of where you are 

Study Korean language online

Let’s learn Korean language online. Our Korean language lessons are conducted in our centre but we further extend our support to our students beyond the classroom. Students and anyone interested can attend our online course to learn the Korean Alphabet and the Basic vocabulary. You can learn them at your leisure on your mobile phone or laptop. In addition, online Korean language tests are also available for every level to check your understanding. TOPIK (the Test of Proficiency in Korean) past papers are all available for those preparing for the examination. No worries, these online study all comes at a free cost!

A lot more Korean language materials and classes are available online. Learn the Korean language online on our website.

Korean Letter Hangeul Online Class

Korean language online

Learn Korean Letter Hangeul

The very first stepping stone in your Korean learning journey.
This free course is to learn Korean letters online by self-study.
Upon completion, take our Online Hangeul Level Test to test your Korean literacy.

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Korean Language Online Programs

learn korean words online

Learn Korean Words

For beginners who wish to catch two birds with one stone by learning some Korean words while practising your Korean letters, try this.
Sequentially, you can take our Korean Vocabulary Test to check your vocabulary skill.

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practice korean words online

Practice Basic Korean Vocabulary with word cards

If you want to further enrich your Korean, try our online word cards.

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learn Korean language online

Grammar: Present Tense 아요, 어요, and 해요

One of the most important parts of Korean grammar is 아요, 어요, and 해요 which express present tense. This program helps to understand and practice 아요, 어요, and 해요.

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How to pronounce Korean consonants

This video is supplementary for those who are on our online course. We advise users to watch this again after completing basic consonants at our free Hangeul online programme. This video is created by Seoul Korean Language Centre with the aim of aiding the pronunciation of Korean letters for non-natives.

korean language clases online

Class Expression

Going to a Korean class? There are some expressions commonly used in classrooms but do not appear in Korean textbooks, hence you may be puzzled by what Korean teachers are saying.

Just to make sure you won’t be a blur in learning the foreign language, you can prepare yourself by listening to the expressions before coming for Korean classes.

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Korean Letter Pronunciation Table

With this Korean Letter Pronunciation Table, you can check the correct Korean Native sounds of every Korean letter and practice with a listening test. This is not for beginners but for those who are very confident of Hangeul.

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