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Korean Language Pre-Intermediate Course - TOPIK1

$ 315 per 12 weeks
Course Details
  • Pre-Intermediate is a bridge course between Basic and Intermediate level.
  • Duration: 12 weeks of 1.5 hours lesson/week
  • Course Fee: $290, exclusive of registration and material fee
13과: 서울역으로 가 주세요. Please take me to Seoul Station (Intention, direction, request) 14과: 이 옷을 입어 보세요. Try these clothes on (Recommendation, description) 15과: 여행을 가고 싶어요. I want to go on a trip (Proposal, expressing one's will) 16과: 우리 집에 올 수 있어요?  Can you come to my house? (Inability, promise)  
서울대 한국어 1B (Seoul National University 1B) Take a look at our Korean learning materials.  
The requirement for Pre-Intermediate Course
Should you have not completed the Korean Basic4 course at our centre, you have to verify your suitability for the Pre-Intermediate course by taking Basic4 Level Test. The result of Basic4 level Test will be assessed by the teacher to determine the suitability of the test-taker to attend Basic4 course. Please kindly email at or contact at 9721-2433 to prompt an evaluation.  
Payment Details
Payment Method: Cash or cheque on desk or Paynow preferred  
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Course Currilcum

    • Pre-inter Listening Assignment no01 00:10:00
    • Pre-inter Listening Assignment no02 00:10:00
    • Pre-Inter Listening Assignment no03 00:20:00
    • Pre-Inter Listening Assignment no04 00:20:00
    • Pre-Inter Listening Assignment no05 00:20:00
    • Pre-Inter Listening Assignment no06 00:10:00
    • Pre-Inter Listening Assignment no07 00:20:00
    • Pre-Inter Listening Assignment no08 00:20:00
    • Pre-Inter Listening Assignment no09 00:10:00
    • Pre-Inter Listening Assignment no10 00:10:00
    • SNU Textbook 1B Audio mp3 Details 00:00:00
    • SNU Textbook 1B Audio mp3 Details 00:00:00
    • Pre-Intermediate Unit 13 Vocab Details 00:00:00
    • Pre-Intermediate V- (으)려고 하다 Details 00:00:00
    • Pre-Intermediate N에서 N까지 Details 00:00:00
    • Pre-Inter Lesson2 @ZOOM Details Unlimited
    • Pre-Inter Lesson3 @ZOOM Details Unlimited
    • Pre-Intermediate Lesson4 @ZOOM Details Unlimited
    • Pre-Intermediate A-(으)ㄴN Details 00:00:00
    • Pre-Inter Lesson5 @ZOOM Details Unlimited
    • Pre-Intermediate Lesson6 @ZOOM Details Unlimited
    • Pre-Intermediate Lesson7 @ZOOM Details Unlimited
    • Pre-Intermediate Lesson8 @ZOOM Details Unlimited
    • Pre-Intermediate Lesson9, Lecture Video Details Unlimited
    • Pre-Intermediate Lesson10@ZOOM Details Unlimited
    • Pre-Intermediate Lesson11 @ZOOM Details Unlimited
    • Pre-Intermediate Lesson 12 @ZOOM Details Unlimited
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