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Korean Words Related to Teaching-教

Korean vocabs related to teaching 教(가르칠 교).

The followings are the Korean words related to teaching, like the classroom, education, teaching materials, religion and church in Korean language.
The common letter ‘교 [kyo]’ came from the Chinese letter 教 which means “teach”.  There are many more korean words related to teaching but these are very basic words using common.

classroom in korean language

Classroom in Korean language

education in korean language

Education in Korean language

teaching material in korean language

Teaching materials in Korean language

church in korean language

Church in Korean language

religion in korean language

Religion in Korean language

Korean words related to teaching 教

Korean words related to sino Korean ‘교-教’

Many Korean words are related to Chinese characters which may be easier for some of you to memorise.

Refer to ‘[ ]’ for pronunciation.

*Although Korean language the Chinese characters, it does not mean the same vocabulary is always used in Mandarin with the same meaning.

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