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Korean Language Class Basic2

Korean Language Basic 2

  • The second basic Korean course for beginners and TOPIK I Preparation course
    • Upcoming Classes
    • – Every Thur 7.45pm to 9.15pm, commencing on 04 Jan 2024
    • – Every Wed 6.45pm to 8.15pm, commencing on 27 Mar 2024
    • Details
      Course Fee: $295
      Duration: 1.5hrs per week X 12 weeks
      Registration Fee: $20 (One Time) 
    • Material Fee: $30 (B1 to B3)



2nd basic korean class

TOTAL $345

TOPIK I Syllabus

You will learn

  • 4과: 어디에 가요? (Where are you going?)
  • 5과: 한국어를 배워요 (I learn the Korean language)
  • 6과: 어디에 있어요? (Where are you?)
  • 7과: 생일이 언제예요? (When is your birthday?)
 Learning ObjectiveExampleGrammar
Unit 4Express where one’s going to“I am going home” “집에 가요”Place marker ‘에’
Unit 5Express in the Present Tense“I learn the Korean language “한국어를 배워요” “I do not exercise at home” “집에서 운동 안 해요” “The weather is good” “날씨가 좋아요”아요/어요/해요 Object Marker 을/를 Negative Adverb 안 Place Marker 에서 Subject Marker 이/가
 Unit 6Express one’s location“The ball is inside the box” “공이 상자 안에 있어요”Location Marker 에 Preposition words
 Unit 7Express Month, Date and Day in Korean“My birthday is on 9th August” “생일이 팔월 구 일이에요” “I rest on Sunday” “일요일에 쉬어요”Sino-Korean numbers Time marker 에 Days of the week


Seoul Korean Language Textbook


Should you not have completed the Basic 1 course at our centre and wish to join the Basic 2 course, you will have to verify your Korean language ability.

In order to do so, please take our online Basic 1 Level Test.

The result of Basic 1 level Test will be assessed by the teacher to determine the suitability of the test-taker to attend Basic2 course.

Kindly Email to or contact 9721 2433 to request a prompt evaluation.  

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Why is this course online?

Since the COVID-19, it is mandatory to wear masks in an in-person lesson.

However, with a mask on, it is impossible to see the mouth of the student.

This is detrimental to students who are learning to speak the language for the first time as the teacher would not be able to check on her/his mouth shape when practising the pronunciation.

What's happening in Live ZOOM Class?

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You can check the other basic classes here.

We provide the most interactive basic Korean classes and courses in Singapore.

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Call 9721 2433, email to

Please see our contact details

If you can read Korean alphabet, test your Korean language level with our online Korean language test.

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