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TOPIK, Test of Proficiency in Korean

TOPIK is the only official examination that is internationally recognized to assess the ability in the Korean language.
SEOUL Korean language centre offers TOPIK practice test online for TOPIK preparation.
Everything you should know about TOPIK like test schedule in 2020 is here. The following article will guide to take TOPIK in Singapore 2020.

Why prepare TOPIK Test?

English is not the lingua franca in Korea. Therefore, being fluent in the Korean language is useful for daily life in Korea.

It would not matter if you are planning a short stay in Korea. But if you are working, studying or living in Korea for a long term, learning the language is essential.

TOPIK is highly recommended for the following purposes.

1. Entrance into Korean Universities as a non-native Korean Speaker
2. Employment in companies and public institutions in both Korea and abroad
3. Obtaining permanent residency or other specific Visa types in Korea
4. Aquisition of a Korean Language Instructor certification as a non-native Korean speaker
5. For use in the ‘Korea Immigration and Integration Program’ operated by the Ministry of Justice
6. Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) participants taking the Korean language course

Since it was first introduced in 1997, the number of TOPIK takers has been rising rapidly from mere 3K to 329K in 2018.

number of TOPIK applicant by Seoul Korean language centre

TOPIK Schedule 2020

There were five TOPIK tests scheduled in 2020 on April 12(Sun), July 12(Sun), Aug 23(Sun), October 18(Sun), and November 15(Sun).
The dates in Singapore will be further confirmed by the Singapore Korean International School which is the only institution to conduct the TOPIK examinations in Singapore.

The next TOPIK test in Singapore

Date: 12 July (Sun) 2020
Time: 8:40 am to 10:50 am for TOPIK I, 11:50 am to 3:50 pm for TOPIK II
Register Period:  20 Apr 9 am to 27 Apr 2020 4 pm. (Registration is closed)

Date: 23 Aug (Sun) 2020
Time: 8:40 am to 10:50 am for TOPIK I, 11:50 am to 3:50 pm for TOPIK II
Register Period:  3 Jul 9 am to 8 Jul 2020 4 pm. Apply online here.

Date: 18 Oct (Sun) 2020

Date: 15 Nov (Sun) 2020

Please enquire at Singapore Korean International School should there be any issues with the application.

TOPIK Test Fees

$72 (SGD) for TOPIK I (level1 and level2) and $80 (SGD) for TOPIK II (level3 to level6).

Where to Take TOPIK Test in Singapore

TOPIK tests in Singapore are held at Singapore Korean International School. You can register online but must be present at the SKIS Bukit Timah campus, 71 Bukit Tinggi Road, S(289759), to take the test.

TOPIK Preparation in SEOUL Korean

TOPIK I:  For beginners. Students who have completed the Pre-Intermediate course and above in SEOUL Korean Language Centre.
TOPIK II: For the advanced Korean learners.

Learn More

To prepare for TOPIK, practise our Korean placement test online or/and past TOPIK papers (available below).
You can view our Korean classes to check our curriculum.

First time trying TOPIK?

Read our guide below for the question breakdown for your TOPIK preparation.

TOPIKI Reading Guide

Test Structure

topik section breakdown


TOPIK Practice Online Test

TOPIK I Past Papers

36th TOPIK I Reading 36th TOPIK I Listening
47th TOPIK I Reading 47th TOPIK I Listening
52th TOPIK I Reading 52th TOPIK I Listening
60th TOPIK I Reading 60th TOPIK I Listening

TOPIK II Past Papers

47th TOPIK II Reading
52nd TOPIK II Reading
60th TOPIK II Reading


If you have any enquiry about TOPIK, feel free to contact us.

For more details about TOPIK test Singapore 2020, refer to the official TOPIK website.