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Best Korean Language Teacher

Interesting Korean classes by a friendly Korean teacher Ms. Song

  • ● is capable of appropriate demonstration of the Korean language.
  • ● is knowledgeable of the Korean culture which contributed to the birth of the Korean language. Hence, is able to explain the culture to facilitate the understanding of her/his students in learning the language
  • ● able to understand the problems of foreign students in learning Korean and hence bridge between the two.

Certified Korean Language Teacher by Korean government

-Native and qualified
-Rich experience
-Witty and hates boredom. She wants some fun in her class.

Best Korean teacher in Singapore Qualified Korean teacher


She majored in the Korean language and Culture and acquired Certificate of Korean Language Teacher issued by the Korean government (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism).
She started teaching Korean to foreign students in South Korea dating back to 1996.
She moved to Singapore a decade ago and has cumulated her experience at various places ranging from community centres to corporations and language schools.

Her class is captivating where she uses culture and materials to explain the language mechanism. Her lesson is not confined to textbooks which often include old-fashioned Korean and other unnecessaries that even the Koreans seldom use. Rather, her teachings are practical, focused on daily communication of native Koreans today.

We hope you will love her class as much as she does!
Maybe words are not enough to get to know her.

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