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Wondering how to embark on your journey with the Korean language? Take the first step in the right direction by joining our 1-hour free Korean trial lesson at SEOUL Korean! Starting a new language can be daunting, especially when the script, such as the Korean Hangul, appears so distinct from the Latin alphabets you might be familiar with. Yet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that learning Korean alphabet is far easier than you’ve imagined.

We’re excited to show you that, within just one hour, you will be able to read and write some basic Korean words. Our approach at SEOUL Korean emphasizes a dynamic and interactive learning environment, making your 1-hour engagement not only educational but also fun. By opting for our free Korean trial lesson, you’ll experience firsthand the ease and enjoyment of learning Korean.

We’d like to make your initial steps in learning Korean as seamless and inviting as possible. Imagine mastering the fundamentals of Hangul, the Korean alphabet, in just a single hour-long class. This trial session is designed to eliminate any apprehensions you might have and to spark a genuine interest in continuing your Korean language education. Join us at SEOUL Korean for a trial lesson that could open the door to a fascinating linguistic journey.

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Upcoming Trial Lesson

30 Apr TUE 7:00pm @ZOOM
15 May TUE 7:00 pm @ONSITE

Duration: 1 hour

In this session, you will learn to read and write Hangul, the Korean Alphabet.

ONSITE classes are held at 208 Hougang Street 21 #02-209.

The free Korean trial class is for those who have  NOT learnt the Korean language before and wish to start from the Basic 1 Course. If you already know how to read Hangul and are looking for a higher level, please take the placement tests to assess your Korean proficiency. If you are a beginner in the Korean language, this trial lesson will be a good start to learn the Korean alphabet Hangul and begin your journey to the Korean language. Seoul Korean language centre is one of the best Korean language schools in Singapore.

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    What's happening in our Trial Lesson?

    Easy and fun

    Learn 10 Korean alphabets

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