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7과: 한옥마을이 어디에 있는지 아세요? 8과: 정말 속상하겠어요. 9과: 문의할 게 있는데요.

Intermediate 3 Korean Language Course Details

  • The third level of the Intermediate Korean language course.
  • TOPIK II Preparation Class
  • Duration: 12 weeks of 1.5 hours lesson/week
  • Course Fee: $310, exclusive of registration and material fee


7과: 한옥마을이 어디에 있는지 아세요? 8과: 정말 속상하겠어요. 9과: 문의할 게 있는데요.


서울대 한국어 2A (Seoul National University 2A) Take a look at our learning materials.  

The requirement for Intermediate 3 course

Should you have not completed the Intermediate 1 course at our centre, you have to verify your suitability for the Intermediate 3 course by taking the Intermediate 2 Level Test The result of Intermediate 2 Level Test will be assessed by the teacher to determine the suitability of the test-taker to attend Intermediate 3 Course Please kindly email at help@seoulkorean.sg or contact at 9721-2433 to prompt an evaluation.  

Payment Details

Payment Method: Cash or cheque on desk or Paynow to 53377028M (UEN No.)  

For enquiry

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Course Currilcum

    • SNU 2A Students’ Book CD files 00:00:00
    • SNU 2A Workbook CD-ROM Files 00:00:00
    • Intermediate3 Lesson2 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate3 Lesson6 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate3 Lesson8 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate3 Lesson9 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate3 Lesson10 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate3 Lesson11 @ZOOM Unlimited
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