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Free Korean Alphabet HANGUL Course

Korean alphabet Hangeul is easier than you think. You can learn Korean letter by yourself with our online course. Beginners can start on this course to get hints on the Korean language!

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Learn Korean Alphabet Hangul Online

Learn the Korean language with our online free course. “Korean alphabet Hangul” course is an online class for beginners in the Korean language. Hangul is the Korean alphabet made in 1446 by King Sejong. It’s the beginning of learning the Korean language. After this free online course, you will be able to read and write Korean letters and words.

korean language online course hangul


Free Korean Alphabet Course

Korean alphabet Hangul is easier than you think.
You can learn Korean letters by yourself with this online free course.
Beginners can start on this course to get hints on the Korean language!
The next step for the further learning Korean language is attending Korean classes where you can learn vocabulary, grammar and the usage of the Korean language. Fortunately, our principal Ms Song is one of the best Korean language teachers in Singapore having a Korean teacher license from the Korean government and rich experience in teaching the Korean language. She will guide you on the best way to master the Korean language.

Learn Korean Online Free

After finish, this Korean language online course, take our free online Hangul test for revision.
If you get 80% or more, you can join the Basic 1 course at a discounted price!

Join a Trial Lesson And Start Learning Korean Language

If you finish this online course, you are ready to start learning Korean. Please refer to our Korean language classes for further learning or join our free Korean language trial lesson to see how our class is conducted. We are the most interactive and conversational Korean language school in Singapore. We will guide you through the learning journey.

Let’s start to learn the Korean alphabet. Please don’t forget to turn on the volume for the course.

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