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BTS(방탄소년단) and feet(발)

Whose foot is this? The answer is at the bottom of the  page

BTS and feet have a strong positive relationship. 

The more BTS trains on foot, the better their dance be,

that’s why you can watch their flawless performance now.


However, their fans are grieving over something that is related to feet.


It’s because of  the “발카메라” (bal-camera) syndrome or 발카(bal-ca) in short form.

Literally, it means “feet camera” (발=feet) . It is to describe cameramen with awful

shooting skills, so awful that it is as if they are holding the cameras with feet instead of hands.

bal-ca 1


This just happened in the BillBoard Music Awards 2018.

Fans could not contain their unhappiness because the anticipated BTS comeback stage on BBMA was about

Bangtan initially


then audience


and audience


more audience


and BTS sometimes.


Disappointment inevitably falls on fans.

Audience-biased, low focus, absence of zoom-in on the expression of dancers, inadequate presentation of choreography, these are just examples of 발카 (bal-ca)


ans: J-hope

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