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Korean Language Class Basic3

Korean Language Basic 3

Upcoming Classes

  • – Every Wed 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, commencing on 13 Sept 2023
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    Course Fee: $305
    Duration: 1.5hrs per week X 12 weeks
    Registration Fee: $20 (One Time)

3rd basic korean class

TOTAL $325

TOPIK I Syllabus

3rd Course for Learning Korean and TOPIK I

Looking for basic Korean language classes to engage in conversational Korean in Singapore?

This beginner Korean class is the third course in learning the Korean language with SEOUL Korean LC.

All Basic Korean lessons are in accordance with TOPIK I syllabus. The Basic3 Korean language course is also the third course for TOPIK I Preparation Class.  

You will learn

  • 8과: 몇 시예요? (What time is it?)
  • 9과: 친구를 만났어요. (I met my friend)
  • 10과: 날씨가 어떻습니까? (How is the weather?)
  • 11과: 얼마예요? (How much is it?)
  • 12과: 영화를 볼까요? (Shall we watch a movie?)

Unit 8: 몇 시예요? Telling the time

  • Hours and Minutes in Korean
  • Connector -고 친구 만나고 영화 봐요

Unit 9: 친구를 만났어요. I met my friend

  • Past Tense 았어요/었어요/했어요 어제 공부했어요
  • A mode of transportation 로/타고 가요 N에서 N까지 집에서 학교까지 버스를 타고 가요
  • -고 싶어요 비빔밥을 먹고 싶어요
  • Connector -지만 고추가 맵지만 맛있어요

Unit 10:날씨가 어떻습니까? How is the weather?

  • ㅂ Irregular Adjectives 고추가 매워요
  • Formal Endingㅂ니다/습니다 Formal Ending입니다/습니까? 싱가포르 사람입니까? 네, 싱가포르 사람입니다.

Unit 11:얼마예요? How much is it?

  • Counting Units. 
Counting money. 커피가 한 잔에 5200원입니다.

Unit 12:영화를 볼까요? Shall we watch a movie?

  • -이/가 아니에요 의사가 아니에요
  • A/V -네요 한국어가 재밌네요
  • V-(으)ㄹ 까요? ㄷ Irregular 내일 뭐 할까요? 같이 음악을 들어요


Seoul Korean Language Textbook
  • – Basic Korean 1 by SEOUL KOREAN (PDF)
  • – Basic 3 Worksheet (PDF)

Take a look at our learning materials!


Should you not have completed the Basic 2 course at our centre and wish to join the Basic 3 course, you will have to verify your Korean language ability.

In order to do so, please take our online Basic 2 Level Test.

The result of Basic 2 level Test will be assessed by the teacher to determine the suitability of the test-taker to attend Basic3 course.

Kindly Email to or contact 9721 2433 to request a prompt evaluation.

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Why is this course online?

Since the COVID-19, it is mandatory to wear masks in an in-person lesson.

However, with a mask on, it is impossible to see the mouth of the student.

This is detrimental to students who are learning to speak the language for the first time as the teacher would not be able to check on her/his mouth shape when practising the pronunciation.

What's happening in Live ZOOM Class?

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You can check the other basic classes here.

We provide the most interactive basic Korean classes and courses in Singapore.

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Call 9721 2433, email to

Please see our contact details

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